Frequently Asked Questions

Students interested in becoming REFS

How many hours do I need to commit each week to be a REF?

REFs work are largely self driven. Hours vary greatly from week to week, and can be as little as 0 hours or as much as > 5 hours. On average, current REFs indicate that the average time commitment is ~5 hours/week or less.

Must I undergo any training to be a REF?

Students interested in becoming REFS are required expected to attend a 40 hours (Tier 3) conflict management training session. More information about the availability and details of the trainings are available here. Specifically, Conflict Management Trainings are conducted during IAP, Summer, and in Fall semesters. The conflict management training program (free for students) better prepare REFs for the roles they play in the community.

What can I expect to learn as a REF?

REFs will benefit from being better able to manage conflicts and honing their social skills. REFs stay continually updated via monthly All-REFs meetings. These meetings provide an avenue for REFS to provide feedback and reflect on their experience thus far.

How do I start a dREF program in my department?

Departments are generally supportive of the REFs program, although the structure differ somewhat between departments. You are encouraged to contact current REFs (if available) in your department for more details. Currently there are REFS Programs in the following departments: (For departments without REFs, please contact You can consider being an iREF instead of a dREF if department does not have a REF set up yet)